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 Wild & Wonky
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by Wild Republic

Discovered in the gothic rainforests of Costa Rica, this talented sloth showed promise as a gifted hair stylist. Unfortunately, airport security made him clip his claws on his way to a big Hollywood interview...


2017 Toy of the Year
Plush Collectibles

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I love his eyes he reminds me of the funny sloth on ice age I love the mixed materials
This stuffed animal is super cute. I love the eyes and the claws and the colors.
Love the fact that the animals have wacky cute characteristics like different shapes eyes! The perfect size for little hands to carry around as well.
The sloth is cute. Bright blue color is eye catching and the fur is soft. Fun twist to have it's eyeballs looking in a different direction. Would make a cute puppet.
Very soft and nicely made. Great colors. Cuddly.
Cute stuffed animal. Loved the bright colors and soft fur.
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