All-Natural Spa Soaps

All-Natural Spa Soaps
Category: Educational Products

by SmartLab Toys

In the All-Natural Spa Soaps kit it includes 14 adorable soap molds and all the supplies needed to make 25+ melt-and-pour soaps, and lets kids learn about molecules, emulsifiers, and botanicals as they add their own all-natural ingredients!

2015 Preferred Choice
Kids Educational Products

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Love that this will show my daughter that science is interesting. She was interested in how fragrances and bath products are made and would love using her own creations. - HW
Cute for teaching and fun with experimenting. Kids will love it and learn a lot.
This is very clever, I would have love making these as a kid. Great idea and promotes creativity. JA
My 8 & 10 year old granddaughters would love this and when they are finished playing they could take a bath. KM
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